Company profile

KVARK company was established in 1991 with the initial capital in the value of EUR 1,000 and with one employee. Company employs 20 people, with yearly turnover of 8 million euro.  Over the years the company has become a well known distributor of:

         ●  recording media (audio-video cassettes, CD-R, DVD-R discs, USB sticks, memory cards)
         ●  audio -video accessories (remote control devices, indoor antennas, headphones, cables, cases and racks for CDs, bracket for LCD)
         ●  computer peripherals (speakers, mice, gamepads, steering wheels, keyboards, network equipment, UPS)
         ●  ink and toner
         ●  small audio-video devices (DVD players, DVB-T receivers, portable CD radio with MP3 devices, MP3/MP4 players, alarm clocks)

KVARK's misssion is:
         ●  To offer our customers products that have the best price/quality ratio, as described by our slogan: "With us your money is worth more."
         ●  To have a leading role in implementing new technologies and offering new products, as expressed by our slogan: "We are always a step ahead."
         ●  To have a satisfied customer, which is our main goal and the purpose of our business...

Our referent customers include: Pevec, Elipso, Mercatone (Fliba), HG Spot, K&K, KTC, Blitz, King Trade


Company info

Head office: Baštijanova 1a, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, Tel: +385 1 36 54 813, Fax: +385 1 36 54 833, Identification number: 3686809, OIB:17866789967                                                            Transaction account at Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. 2484008-1100433652, IBAN: HR2484008-1100433652, SWIFT: RZBHHR2X, Petrinjska 59, Tel: +38514566466, Fax: +38514811624

Established: 1991
Capital: 1.1 milion EUR
Warehouse space: 600 m2
Office space: 150 m2
Customer, buyers: more than 200
Portfolio: more then 1000 products
Assets: 2.8 milions EUR
Number of employers: 10

Managing director: Tihomir Haralović,;  E-mail:
Executive director and purchasing manager: Bruno Blažičko, Tel: +3851 36 54 806 Gsm: +38591 36 37 375 E-mail:
Sales logistic: Anđelka Jozinović , Tel: 01/3654-802, Gsm: 091/4811-178, Fax: 01/3654-807, E-mail:
Service department: osip Priselac , Tel: 01/3654-830, Gsm: 091/48-111-53, Fax: 01/3654-835, E-mail:
Purchasing logistic and assistant of general manager: Marija Švigir; Tel: +3851 36 54 813 Gsm: +38591 36 37 376 E-mail:
Accounting: Nada Nethaly; Tel: +3851 36 54 815 Gsm: +38595 48 11 166 E-mail: