Distributions and representations


One of the world's most famous manufacturers of cordless telephones.
We offer a variety of DECT cordless phones of superior quality and design.


One of the world's most famous manufacturers of cordless telephones.
We offer a variety of DECT cordless phones of superior quality and design.



Tracer is a brand that covers a wide range of periphery for PC, laptops and tablets, such as mice, steering wheels, gamepad's, speakers, cables, headsets, microphones, universal chargers, cases and covers for tablets, self rods, power bank's .
Also, in the range have a quality sports cameras and accessories for the camera.
All their products are characterized by an excellent ratio of quality and the best prices in the market.


Titanum brand includes accessories for PCs, laptops and tablets such as mice, multimedia (speakers, headphones, webcams, microphones, gamepad), mobile accessories (chargers, the self sticks, stands), calculators. The main characteristics of their product are excellent quality and the best prices in the market.


Kingston was founded in 1987 and since then has grown into one of the largest manufacturer of various memory in the world market. In our offer you can find USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 flash drives and their memory cards.


KSTAR is the second largest Chinese and global manufacturer of UPS and battery with twenty years of experience. KSTAR UPS's and batteries for UPS products to highest quality standards and are characterized by excellent quality and durability at relatively affordable price.


ROMOSS is a world leading manufacturer of external batteries. it’s products, powered millions of mobile devices like, smartphones, tablets, laptop and many other bluetooth devices. ROMOSS unrivaled, patented eUSB Auto Voltage Switching Technology (patent no.201120289581.7), charge fast and protect your devices batteries from over charging and collateral damage. ROMOSS incorporate innovative technology into it’s products that are smaller, more powerful, durable, and safe!ROMOSS products is sold worldwide and a top seller in many countries, and it had received numerous awards for it’s reputable design, technology, high quality user experience and safety performance.ROMOSS use only genuine and new Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery cells, inside it’s external batteries (power banks). The battery compartment incorporate a safety circuitry for superb protection against overcharging and over heating.


Varta with his hundred years old experience in the production battery is one of the largest manufacturer of various batteries in the world . From their diverse range of our offer, you can find alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries and battery chargers


Duracell je vodeća svjetska tvrtka u proizvodnji alkalnih baterija visoke učinkovitosti. Philip Mallory osnovao je 1916. u Velikoj Britaniji tvrtku “Mallory Company”, kasnije preimenovanu u tvrtku “Duracell International. Duracell je pozicioniran kao “specijalist” na tržištu baterija, čijim se proizvodima može vjerovati, jer oni jamče dugotrajnost. Osim standardnih AA i AAA baterija, baterija za fotoaparate, satove, sigurnosne uređaje i slično, Duracell nudi i NiMH baterije na punjenje, punjače te niz svjetiljki, bilo za kuću/automobil ili za uporabu na otvorenom.


V-TAC is british premium brand and one of the largest European distributors of LED lighting.. Their products are certified under CE, RoHS, Dekra and TÜV. Quality LED chips and components supplied by Bridgelux, Philips, Sharp, Citizen and Epistar are used..


DOOGEE, founded in March 2013, DOOGEE was born to be unique. We specializes in producing cost-effective smartphones featuring micro innovations to create good user experience, hoping to bring convenience and enjoyment to people’s life with considerate products.DOOGEE advocates “quality and experience”, imposing strict examination on each procedure from design to production. In terms of quality, all products of DOOGEE are subject to strict high standards and high-tech quality testing processes to ensure that every user has perfect experience.DOOGEE is determined to be a milestone-type brand in its industry—the essence, exquisite appearance and flexible operation of products endowed by designers convey to the users the hope and joy of life.


DPM is a fast-growing Polish brand whose offer includes antennas and antenna accessories, audio-video equipment, electrical and electronic accessories and more. They are winners of numerous prestigious awards for quality, reliability, high efficiency and durability of manufactured goods.


Beelink the famous Chinese brand that produces mini PC, Android TV BOX's. The products are characterized by excellent quality and good price. Philosophy of the company is to keep up with a new Technology field, a continuous improvement and constant innovations


Life is movement; Continuous change. SCJAM is a leader in the Action Camera market because SJCAM constantly evolves to satisfy market demands.Assembling a camera is simple. The best quality components and attention to detail are essential to make a quality action camera.SJCAM prides itself not only on creating awesome action cams, but also for fully supporting them. SJCAM stays full committed to after-sales support. SJCAM also releases new firmware frequently upgrading SJCAM features.


Matrix is a brand that KVARK produce in China with rigorous quality control. The products are characterized by the best ratio of price and quality. Product groups that are under the Matrix brand are: stands for LED TV and ink and toner cartridges.

Energy Sistem - Exclusive distribution

Based in Spain, Energy Sistem is a company present on all five continents, specialized in creating technology for those who want to enjoy life through digital leisure. In Energy Sistem, we believe that the best part about working with technology is to make difficult things happen in a simple way. Some details such as the packaging or the accessories included with each product provide quality and make a difference regarding other brands. In addition to design Energy products are characterized by high quality, followed by small percentage of reclamation. With quality Energy offers a very aggressive price of their products, which makes an extremely high ratio of quality and price of their products. Over 100 vendors are supplied from central warehouses in Spain and takes care of the presence of Energy products in all known retail stores across Europe.


TP-Link is the world's no. 1 provider of consumer WiFi networking devices, shipping products to over 120 countries and hundreds of millions of customers. With a proven heritage of stability, performance and value, TP-Link has curated a portfolio of products that meet the networking needs of all individuals. Now, as the connected lifestyle continues to evolve, the company is expanding today to exceed the demands of tomorrow. Their product range includes wireless card, router, access point, ADSL modems, switches, wireless USB adapters.

Netis - Exclusive distributor

NETIS SYSTEMS’ product family includes wireless routers, wireless adapters, switches, DSL modems &routers, network adapters, EPON, GPON, etc.,and is evolving into products that related to storage, security, multimedia and other technologies.NETIS SYSTEMS maintains a monthly capacity of 10 million CE- and FCC-marked units. From network adapter to SNMP switches,from wireless adapters to dual-band routers, every one of NETIS SYSTEMS’products is manufactured in strict compliance with ISO9001:2000. Nowadays, NETIS SYSTEMS has established more than 30 sales branches throughout China and has gradually set up overseas offices to provide quick and comprehensive services to global customers in North America, Europe, India, Taiwan and Korea. With high quality Netis accomplished extremely low cost. In this way, the customer gets quality like well-known brands, but with considerably lower price.

Esperanza - Exclusive distributor

Esperanza brand includes accessories for PCs, laptops and tablets such as mice and pads, keyboards, hubs, multimedia (speakers, headphones, webcams, microphones, gamepad), coolers and bags for laptops, mobile accessories (chargers, the selfie sticks, stands), calculators. The main characteristic of their products is very good value for money

Muse - Exclusive distribution

Muse is the innovative French brand, which includes products in the field of audio technology: portable radio CD / MP3 Player, car radios, portable radios, micro lines, radio alarm clock. What makes brand of Muse stand out is a very creative and appealing design of device and package, all of which the customer gets the very competitive price with excellent quality

New One - Exclusive distribution

New One is a French brand that includes portable radios, and portable radio CD/MP3 players.


Maxell is a world famous manufacturer of various types of batteries. Characterized by top quality and best price.
In our aortimanu you can find theirs alkaline batteries and various models button batteries.

Barkan - Exclusive distribution

Barkan was founded in 1988 and today is the world's leading company in the field stands for televisions, and is sold in over 60 countries worldwide.Our expertise is in development, manufacture and marketing of designed and innovative products:Mounts for flat and curved TVs, projectors, speakers, cable TV boxes and other entertainment electronics devices,USB LED mood light for TV.Tablet mounts,Portable chargers, selfie sticks and more products to enhance viewing and listening experienc. Barkan in all business segments used ISO9001 certificate in compliance with all international safety standards. Barkan is known for its numerous innovations and patents, modern design, outstanding functionality and easy assembly.