About factory

The first Croatian DVD factory

Kvark company opened first factory in Croatia for the production of the replicated DVD-ROM, CD, DVD-5 (4.7GB), DVD-9(8,5GB) disc in October 2006. The latest and fully automated production line for DVD discs will be able to produce 22 million discs annually. The production line was purchased from the manufacturer Anwell Hong Kong, TOYO Japan, which is currently the fastest and most advanced production line for DVD discs, with a production cycle time of 2 seconds per disc.
For printing on disc we use modern Guann Way offset printer, which one can apply full color print of the highest quality, speed of less than one second per disk.
Croatian video distributors no longer have to copy their films abroad, because from now on in Kvark can get top quality product at a better price.

Production of DVD discs consists of following steps:

Polycarbonate raisins are transported by stainless steel pipes from big bag to injection machine Toyo. Polycarbonate is melted in Toyo injection machine and injected in to the mould in which is stamper with digital data. The production line for DVD has two injection machines, while the CD production needs one injection machine.

After injecting, the disks are removed from tools with an ultra fast robotic arm and they go to the conveyer belt where they cool.

A thin layer of metal is applied on cooled discs in sputtering coater. With DVD5 discs 40nm thick Aluminum layer is applied on one half of disc, while the other remains transparent without layers of metal. While on DVD9 discs there is 40nm Aluminum layer on upper side and 17nm silver layer on bottom side of the disc.

At this stage, the discs are glued to each other, and glue dries with UV rays.

Discs undergo special scanners to test the optical parameters of discs, and separates discs that do not meet strict quality criteria.

DVD drive is highly sophisticated product, and it must be thoroughly tested off-line. We take one disc out of 200-300 and test it on specific devices. With the aid of the German Basler tester we test physical parameters of the disk. Also we test electronic parameters of the disc with the tester from Austrian company Datarius.

After testing, the surface of the DVD disc is printed with offset machine.

Last step of production is packaging DVD discs and covers in DVD box, cello wrapping. All stages of production besides packaging are done in room with a high purity of air by intensive filtering of incoming air, and with strict hygiene requirements.

Company was founded in 1991 and since its inception one of the main activities was the manufacture of recording media. In the beginning audio tapes, then video tapes, and now the company has invested in the production of CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs.