CD/DVD order

Dear customers, here you can place an order for the replication of your CDs / DVDs.
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Order form for CD/DVD production :


CLIENT'S STATEMENT manufacturer – KVARK d.o.o. Buyer – Client

  • 1. Manufacturer will provide production service of recorded data carriers (CD, DVD, etc.)on request and according to the order of the Buyer. This process, based on the Service Agreement, may include replication, packaging, cello wrapping and transport.
  • 2. The buyer gives the manufacturer the following guarantees:
    • 2.1. The buyer is the owner of all rights (copyrights, etc.) for the material delivered to production or the rights are granted to the buyer (right of reproduction and distribution of materials (titles)listed on the order of the owner of all rights (copyrights, etc.))
    • 2.2. The buyer did not approve an exclusive license or granting the rights referred to in point of this document in any subject, and the material does not infringe the copyrights or other rights of any entity. Material does not contain anything obscene or illegal.
    • 2.3. The buyer shall fully exempt and protect the manufacturer of all the possibilities of losses and all actions, claims, proceedings, costs and damages arising from any breach of any aspect of the above warranties.
    • 2.4. The buyer accepts the request of manufacturer to provide all relevant information and documents (eg, license agreement) that manufacturer within reasonable limits needs in order to determine ownership of intellectual property in issue.
    • 2.5. The buyer accepts that the manufacturer in spite of any agreement on confidentiality can consult all the relevant competent authority ( IFPI, BSA,IRMA, BIEM, OSA, etc.) related to intellectual property ownership and other rights. At this consultation manufacturer will reveal only the information necessary for determining ownership of intellectual property in issue.
  • 3. In case of any dispute, the Court in Zagreb is competent.

This statement is valid without signature and seal.