In the premises of KVARK central service, you can repair next brands SmartVision, Smartbox, Muse, Energy, Jolly, etc. For warranty claims, it is necessary to have a properly completed warranty card, stamped and with receipt from retail sale.

Repair in warranty period shall not be charged and after the warranty period, by the price list listed below.

The service can make repairs for devices for which the warranty period is over. For such devices, a special price for repair and parts will be charged.
If the repair costs to a cost of a new retail unit, the repair will not be announced by phone. But if the repair has higher expenses, service tehnician will call the client and ask for permission to continue with the repair. If a party withdraws from the repair, it will be charged for a diagnostic examination – HRK 100,00 + VAT, irrespective to the value of the unit.

The guarantee can not be used to cover physical damage by improper use, and equipment failures caused by higher force (lightning, floods, fire, war, etc.) Of course, such devices can be serviced, but it shall be repaired by a price list for devices out of warranty.
Croatian law requires, that the device must be serviced within 45 days. If the condition doesn't improve within 45 days, the party gets a new device – the same model or a class better.

Croatian law requires, that the device must be serviced within 45 days. If the condition doesn't improve within 45 days, the party gets a new device – the same model or a class better.

Type of device Price
1. Telephones HRK 20,00 + spare parts
2. Fans HRK 30,00 + spare parts
3. Remote control HRK 30,00 + spare parts
4. Radio cassette player w/o CD-R HRK 40,00 + spare parts
5. Walkman HRK 40,00 + spare parts
6. Discman HRK 50,00 + spare parts
7. Radio cassette HRK 50,00 + spare parts
8. Radio cassette with CD/MP3 HRK 50,00 + spare parts
9. CD-R device (component) HRK 80,00 + spare parts
10. HI-FI HRK 80,00 + spare parts
11. DVD device (component) HRK 80,00 + spare parts
12. Surround reciever HRK 80,00 + spare parts
13. DVD - RW HRK 80,00 + spare parts
14. Video recorder HRK 100,00 + spare parts
15. Television HRK 120,00 + spare parts
16. Monitor HRK 120,00 + spare parts
17. TV with video HRK 120,00 + spare parts
18. TV with DVD player HRK 120,00 + spare parts
19. LCD TV HRK 120,00 + spare parts
20. Projection unit HRK 240,00 + spare parts

Price of service of IT products

It is important to know!
If repair is not possible within 45 days, faulty component will be replaced with a new one and if it lasts longer than eight days, the same will be extended with the warranty period during which was on repair, counting the days when the products were delivered to authorized service provider. Spare parts will be provided by the distributor for a term of 7 years.
Broken device will be delivered to an authorized service only. List of all authorized service is in the box with the product.

For computers that are warranted and have undamaged label on the back of the computer, warranty is valid for all hardware failure and problems. For the errors in the software, we are not obligated to repair under warranty. It will be charged for a diagnostic for HRK 100,00+VAT.

Price list
The cost of repairing computers and computer components:
One hour of working service is HRK 100,00 + VAT. For the warranty to be accounted, there must be presented a copy of the original bill or completely filled guarantee certificate.
For computers that are under warranty and have an undamaged protective sticker on the housing, all repair for hardware components are free of charge. Guarantee applies only to hardware errors. If the component testing or computer testing, determines that the device is completely OK, the charge for it will be HRK 100,00 + VAT, regardless to the price of the device. The same price is charged when the computers come with software errors (such as viruses, Trojans, incorrectly installed drivers and software failures, etc.).

Computer components that are bought in KVARK:
When installing additional computer components, there must be a proof of purchase of it, from one of the KVARK retail stores, before installing. Installation of components and software that is purchased in KVARK, is completely free of charge. If there is a component for another vendor, the installation service will be charged by the pricelist listed below.

Computers purchased in KVARK and no longer under warranty:
Computers that are purchased in KVARK and do not have a valid warranty, shall have a special treatment. If you provide a bill of purchase for computer, all listed rates are reduced by 50%. If all hardware, that is declared invalid, purchases in one of our stores, installation is free, in which case any pre-testing of computer and components are also free.

Computer components that are not purchased in KVARK:
Computer and computer components that are not purchased in KVARK, all will be subjected to testing process. If it turns out to be correct regardless of the component value, all diagnostic will be charged HRK 100,00 + VAT. If during test shows that the component is defective, the customer can decide to buy the same or a similar hardware in one of our stores, then the testing will not be charged.


Description of service Price (w/o VAT)
1. Computer assembling HRK 100,00
2. Diagnosis of computer failure HRK 100,00
3. Repairs on the computer when the defect can be rectified without leaving the computer in service HRK 50,00
4. The installation of licensed software (OS, Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP), and installing all other necessary drivers. HRK 150,00
5. Installation of licensed software (Office, etc.) HRK 50,00
6. Removal of viruses, Trojans, dialers etc from your PC HRK 100,00
7. Setting up computer BIOS HRK 50,00
8. Testing the validity of IT components (each IT seperately) HRK 50,00
9. Installing or replacing a hard disk drive (HDD) with no Software to install HRK 50,00
10. Installation or replacement of optical devices HRK 50,00
11. Mounting and installation of a modem HRK 50,00
12. Mounting and installation of sound cards HRK 50,00
13. Finding and downloading drivers and/or manual + CDR HRK 50,00
14. Making back-up on CD or DVD HRK 300,00

Price of 1 service hour = HRK 100,00 + 25 % VAT = HRK 123,00

  • Due to the inability to supply parts, SERVICE doesn't take over computers older than PIII
  • Due to the inability to supply parts, SERVICE doesn't take over computers older than PIII
  • If a party withdraws from service, diagnostics will be charged – HRK 100,00 + VAT
  • The hourly rates applicable to service-time, weekdays from 8h to 16h.
  • If services are not specified in this price list, it will be charged by actual time spent servicing the product