Warranty conditions

KVARK guarantees that the product, if it is properly used by supplied instruction, will function properly in warranty period.

KVARK agrees that by your request, if it's shown in the warranty period, at it's own expense will remove all tehnical failures and shortcomings of the product, which would be incurred when using it in the warranty period.
If within 45 days of receipt of the product, the problem isn't solved, KVARK will replace it by the new product. In the event that repair of equipment (components) last longer than 7 days, the warranty period shall be extended for as many days as the repair was taken.

KVARK undertakes to provide 5 years service after the warranty period. Guarantee start on the day of purchase in retail, which you will prove with verified warranty card with the seal, date and signature of the retail dealer and a retail account.

All returned goods, first goes to test, and if malfunction is confirmed, we shall return you repaired goods or replace it by a new one.
When returning defective merchandise, it must be accompanied with a copy of the account, description of faults and complete documentation and accessories, otherwise we will not be able to take care of it. The so-called "false claims" will be charged for an overview (correct components returned as defective).
Price of service is HRK 100,00 + VAT per hour. Calculated by the exchange rate of Raiffeisenbank.

Transport for related repair in warranty period, shall be organized weekly with KVARK delivery.
Goods are returned to service center, address Baštijanova 1/a, Zagreb, phone: 01/3654-840 or to a service authorized by the KVARK service network.

The guarantee does't apply:

  • If the buyer doesn't comply to the instruction to use a product
  • If the product is serviced by an unauthorized person
  • If the customer acts unprofessional and careless with the product
  • If the product is being upgraded with counterfeit parts
  • For transport damage after delivery
  • For failures caused by inappropriate working environment
  • For failures or damage caused by higher force and war
  • For failures due product worn out.
  • For failures resulting from defective AC/DC current or lightning storm
  • If there is visible trace of taking off the warranty sticker